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The Difference between Live Craps and Online Craps

There are quite a few differences between live and online craps. Most of them make online craps easier to play than live craps. We will talk through the main differences below.

Craps Etiquette

When playing craps live you need to be conscious of the etiquette of the game, such as buying in when the puck is OFF, and avoiding celebrating if you bet the dark side (against the shooter/point). There is certainly a lot more pressure live to bet with the shooter and therefore appearing more table-friendly and less of a jinx. Talking of jinxes, players also see the very word ďsevenĒ as a jinx, so avoid saying it and certainly avoid calling for it when the dice are being thrown.

With online craps you donít need to worry about any etiquette. Normally itís just you verses the house.

The Dice Throw

When playing craps live you need to handle the dice in just 1 hand, and chuck the dice to the far end of the table, ensuring they hit the back wall. The stickman and boxman will be looking out that you donít slide the dice along the surface, or that you donít set the dice and land them dead in the corner with very little bounce. Some casinos will specifically have a no-setting rule.

With online craps you donít need to worry about the throw, as you just need to click a button in order to generate a random dice throw.


When you tip live you often do it by placing a bet down for the dealer. For example bet $5 on the Pass line for yourself and $1 for the staff. Take Odds on both your bet and their bet. You can follow that up with a Come number for both you and them if you wish.

Another way to do it is to announce a 2-way bet on one of the hardways, this will mean half of the bet is for you, and half of it is for the staff.

If you prefer a more direct approach to tipping simply place some chips on the table and tell them itís for the dealers.

Online craps does not require any tipping. Save yourself the money.

Protecting Your Chips

When you play live you should keep all of your unbet chips in the rail right in front of you. You should be conscious of the possibility that someone might attempt to steal some from the rail, so keep an eye on them. Likewise keep a close eye on the layout that your bets are getting put in the correct place by the dealers, that you are getting paid the correct money on wins, and that you are picking up winning bets that you donít wish to parlay.

Fortunately online you do not need to worry about any of that. All wins will be calculated automatically and added to your balance. No bets can be parlayed accidentally, because you will be paid the full win back to your balance.

Where to Place Bets

When you are playing live you should place bets immediately in front of you if you are betting on the Pass line. If you are betting the Donít Pass, Come, Donít Come or Field you should put your chip in the box at the closest point to you. If you want to make Place bets or Buy Bets you should place the chip(s) in the Come box and inform the dealer. If you wish to make Lay bets you should place your chip(s) in the Donít Come box and inform the dealer. If you want to make proposition bets on the center layout you should toss your chip(s) gently towards the center layout and inform the dealer. If you want to take odds on Pass line bets you should place the bet immediately behind your Pass Line bet. If you want to take the odds on Come bets place the chips in the Come box and inform the dealer.

When you play online craps you always place the bets directly on the part of the layout you wish to bet, and it doesnít need to line up with where you are ďsittingĒ either. There are often some small subdivisions of the Box numbers to determine the nature of that bet (eg Come, Place, Buy, Lay, Donít Come). Hover your cursor over the section and youíll generally (via a title pop up) see which part is for which. Donít Come and Lay bets will always be at the back of the number though. If you take the odds, the chips are usually placed behind the passline, but to the side of the established Come Bet for the Box numbers.


One of the main benefits of playing craps live is that there is quite a communal buzz/excitement when things are going with the shooter (because lots of people are winning at the same time). Thereís lots of calling for numbers, and hugs and high fives. Itís quite probably the most exciting game at the casino when playing live for these sort of reasons. When you play online craps it is a different sort of fun. The fun comes mainly from mastering good playing strategies and of course from winning money.


The odds are usually the same or very similar between online and live. What you may find though is some odd quirky little differences, because live the odds need to be kept manageable for players and dealers and to whole dollar amounts quite often. But online we donít need to worry about that. The calculations are done automatically, and payments will include cents. When signing up to an online site try to find their specific odds list if possible to find any of these quirky variations. Or if not, just keep a close eye on the payment amount so you can spot any odds difference. (eg you were expecting $14 but you got $13.66).


The speed of playing craps online is considerably quicker than playing live. This is because so much is automated, like payouts on winning bets, and there isnít any large physical movements (placing bets, rolling dice, shooter posturing) that slow you down. The fact that virtually always it is just you playing verses the house (rather than lots of different players) also makes things quicker.