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Craps Glossary of Terms


Shooter = the person throwing the dice.

Come out roll = the first roll after a completed hand.

A hand = the rolls and betting made between the puck being on or off (ie up until a 7 is rolled or a point is made).

ON/OFF Puck = A circular button (like a hockey puck) placed on a number to signify which is the point number. It is also flipped over to signify if certain bets are turned on or off. E.g. when Off, all Odds bets are turned off and canít be won or lost on the next roll.

Marker = another name for the puck.

Hot tables = A table where the shooters are making their Points and sevens are being avoided.

Cold tables = A table where the shooters are not making their Points, and they are getting quickly out on a seven.

Betting Related Terms

Pass Line bet = a bet supporting the shooter.

Line Bet = another name for a Pass Line bet.

Come Bets = A bet on the next number to come. Either pays directly, or gets moved to one of the point numbers, similar to a come out roll.

Place bet = betting a specific box number .

Buy Bet = betting a specific box number (using true odds and % commission).

Lay bet = Betting against a box number.

Betting right = betting with the roller (ie via the Pass line etc).

Betting wrong = betting against the roller (ie via the Donít Pass line, and Donít Come).

Dark Side = Another way to describe Betting wrong (ie betting the dark side).

Prop Bets = Bets on the center layout (to the right of the Come box if you are playing online and can only see half of a traditional table).

C and E = Short for Craps and Eleven (ie 2,3,12,11). These are for a dealers benefit where they can place props bets in a distinct circle that corresponds to the position of the player at the table.

Hedge Bet = Betting against one or more of your other bets in order to reduce potential losses.
Insurance bet = Same as Hedge Bet.

Odds Bet = A bet that increases an existing bet, but where with you get the true odds.

True Odds = Refers to the odds being accurate to the likelihood of the event (ie no house edge).

Free Odds = another way to say True Odds.

Working = When the puck is On and bets are active.

At risk = another way to saying the bet is active.

Off and On = An existing Come bet number has been hit, but a new Come bet exists. Effectively the new

Come bet gets moved to the old come number, but they donít actually move any chips.

Craps Numbers

Point Numbers = 4,5,6,8,9,10.

Box numbers = Another name for the point numbers 4,5,6,8,9,10.

Point Number = the number established via a Come out roll.

Craps = 2,3,12.

The Field = 2,3,4,9,10,11,12.

Garden = another name for the field.

Yo-leven = Common pronunciation of the number eleven to ensure it sounds distinct from seven.

Hi Lo = A bet on 2 and 12 (ie the highest and lowest roll possible).

Hi Lo Yo = Same as Hi Lo but with 11 added.

Easy way = Rolling a 4,6,8, or 10 but without rolling a pair.

Hard way = Rolling a 4,6,8, or 10 by rolling a pair.

Big Red = Another name for seven. Popular because actually saying seven is thought of as a jinx.

Aces = 1 and 1 on the dice. What the movies like to call Snake eyes, but what gets referred to as Aces more in practice.

Boxcars = 6 and 6 on the dice.

Little Joe = 2 and 2 on the dice.

Nina Ross = total of 9 on the dice.

Inside numbers = The inner numbers of the box numbers (5,6,8,9).

Outside numbers = The outer numbers of the box numbers (4,5,9,10).

22 inside = $5 on 5 and 9, and $6 on 6 and 8.

Seven out = Rolling a seven, and thus ending the hand for the roller. The dice will now pass to a new shooter.

Craps Staff and Craps Table

Stickman = A member of staff controlling the action. Normally moving dice and chips around using a long stick.

Dealer = usually the member of the staff controlling the chips and payments.

Boxman = generally the supervisor of the table, but might also handle the money.

Bones = Another name for the dice (because a long time ago sheepís ankle bones were used for dice).

Layout = the printing on the table, comprising of printed boxes for your to place bets into.

Apron = the area outside of the layout.

No roll = Something a stickmen might shout if the dice donít hit the back wall. You will be required to roll again.

Rail = The place up away from the playing surface where you should keep your chips.

2 way = Half of the bet is for the player, and half is for a tip for the staff.

Vig = Another name for the house commission/rake

Past posting = Making a bet after the outcome of the roll, with the hope that a dealer or boxman doesnít see it.

Charting a table = noting all outcomes of the dice, in an attempt to figure out hot numbers or other information.

Pass = Opt not to roll the dice, passing the roll over to the next shooter in line

Craps Money Terms

Regress = reduce the bet.

Parlay = increase the bet by letting it ride after a win.

Press = another way to say increase the bet (eg throw a chip out and say Ďpress the 8′).

Change Only = A phrase youíll often here when buying chips. It is to make it abundantly clear that the money placed down is not a direct bet, but a request for chips.

Penny = $1 chip.

Nickel = Usually refers to $5 (not an actual nickel).

Dime = Usually refers to $10 (not an actual dime).