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Craps Tips

Below are 20 tips that will help your learning and comprehension of the game of Craps:

1. When first approaching a table wait until the puck is turned to OFF and the dice are in the middle before placing money down and asking for change.

2. When placing bets with your chips onto the layout make sure the dice are in the middle of the table. The stickmen will gather them up and pull them to the middle of the table after a throw. Then you place bets, then the stickmen pushes the dice to the shooter.

3. When the dice have been passed to the shooter all chips you are not betting should be up off the felt and in your chip rail, and your hands (as a non-shooter) should be up to at least rail height also.

4. The only places you can directly place bets yourself in the live environment are on: The Pass Line, The Donít Pass Line, The Come Box, The Donít Come Box, The Field, and The Big 6-8. All others, such as center proposition bets, and bets on the box numbers are placed by a dealer only. Put the chips down where a dealer can reach them and inform him/her where you want them to be put.

5. The SIX and NINE are written in words on the box numbers to avoid any confusion from betting from both sides of the table (with an upside down 6 looking like a 9, and vice versa).

6. The following bets are off on a Come out roll (ie when the puck says OFF): Odds bets on Come bets (but not the actual Come bet itself), Place Bets, and Buy Bets. So expect to get paid/not lose accordingly. For example if a 7 is rolled on a come out roll you will lose your established Come bet, but get given the odds back from it because the odds were off (not working).

7. Be sure to check what Odds are offered before betting. These are usually clearly indicated on a sign both live and online.

8. Remember that when taking the odds on the Donít Pass and Donít Come you are effectively laying the odds so you need to bet the amount that the house would normally pay in order to win the amount the player would normally pay. So if the Point is 4 or 10, you have to pay 2 units to win 1 unit profit. If the Point is 5 or 9 you have to pay 3 units to win 2 units profit. If the Point is 6 or 8 you have to pay 6 units to win 5 units profit.

9. When presented with the dice (usually 5 in total) pick 2 of them in one hand, and always keep them in that hand over the table until you throw them.

10. When you throw the dice make sure they hit the back wall and try to avoid any chips placed on the layout.

11. Donít throw the dice too low to the surface or you may be accused of sliding. And donít throw them too high either Ė never above the head height of the dealers.

12. Keep your chips in the rail above the playing surface, and keep you high denomination chips at the bottom pushed up tight against the end of your chip groove.

13. 10 for 1 is the same as 9 to 1. What they are saying is that you will get a total of 10 chips back from a 1 chip bet (returning to you that 1 chip bet). Or that you are get 9 chips profit from a 1 chip bet (leaving that 1 chip on the layout).

14. Press your luck on hot hands, but donít push your luck. The seven will come up eventually. At the same time a lot of money can be won on good runs of 15 or 20+ rolls of the dice, so be prepared to go for it occasionally, once you have locked up some profits.

15. The Hardways are essentially considered bets for tourists, which pay poor odds, so never make these the basis of your strategy. They can be useful to hedge or enhance other bets though.

16. Picking up/removing bets is possible for most of the layout but not the Pass and Come bets. You cannot pick these up as you had an odds advantage on the initial roll, so that needs to be redressed by letting the bet play out the full hand.

17. It is not advised to pick up your Donít Pass and Donít Come bets early, as the considerable disadvantage of the bet comes from getting it established in the first place. So it would be like enduring a bad bet to then avoid enjoying the fruits of the good bet.

18. Be sure to check which Doubles and Trebles are offered on the Field because these have a considered affect on the house edge. Paying triple on 12, as well as double on 2, is a table to look out for.

19. Avoid making late bets as these may slow play down and annoy other players. When the dice are in the middle is the time for betting. When betting is considered finished then the dice get pushed by the stickman to the shooter.

20. When you reach the end of your session and would like to leave, donít just walk off with all those $5 chips and $1 chips. Wait until the puck is off (ie after a 7 or a made point) and then place your chips down on the table and ask the dealer to cash you out or colour you up.

And a final tip to end on if your head is just spinning because youíve only just started:

If you are completely new to craps and have no clue where to start, start by placing a bet in the strip that is marked ďPass LineĒ and wait for the series of rolls to play out. What you will be cheering for is a 7 or 11 at the beginning (when the puck says ďOFFĒ), and then afterwards you will cheering for the number which the puck gets moved to.