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The Dark Side Approach to Craps

Betting on the Dark Side is betting against the shooter, or against the Point. It involves essentially 3 things, bets on the Donít Pass, bets on Donít Come, and Lay bets.

These sort of strategies are bet for two main reasons. Firstly it is very marginally better in terms of odds to bet the Dark Side like Donít Pass. Secondly as seven is the number most likely to come up, it feels good to be pulling for a seven, and not trying to avoid one.

The main hurdle of the Donít Pass bet is getting past the initial roll. After that, things start to look pretty attractive for you, as sevens are more likely than the point number. The exact same applies to Donít Come bets, you need to get past that initial roll after placing the Come Bet. After that youíre looking good, and can take odds on the bet. But if youíre happy to try to get past that first roll with a high bet, you will then be better off afterwards than you wouldíve been from taking the odds on the Donít Come Point.

Lay Bets are a little different. Here you are getting the exact opposite of the true odds from the right side, less 5% commission. As Sevening-out is actually odds-on at this point you will pay more than you get back. For example if you lay a 4 or 10 for $10 you will get $5 profit back. If you lay a 5 or a 9 for $6 you will get $4 profit back. And if you lay a 6 or and 8 for $6 you will get a $5 profit back.

Below we talk about some Dark Side strategies in more detail:

Dark Side 1 and 3

Bet $5 on the Donít Pass. Once a point is established, bet $15 on the Donít Come. Hedge it with $2 on the Hardway 6 or Hardway 8 if 6 or 8 is the Donít Come Point.

On the come out roll youíll win the Donít Pass bet on 2 or 3, and lose on 7 or 11. Once a Point is up, youíll lose the Donít Come Bet on a 2 or 3, and lose it on 7 or 11. If you get past those initial set-up rolls you will then be paid $20 whenever a seven appears before the Point or the Donít Come number

If the hardway hedge comes into play youíll make an $18 profit from that bet, turning a $15 loss into a $3 profit.

Against the 4

The aim here is for a 7 to appear before a 4 (6 chances to 3 chances, or 2 to 1).

As you are effectively laying the 4 you need to pay a win based commission, which is usually 5%. To keep the commission to round dollar amount it is therefore good to make this bet for $40, paying $41. If a 7 does come before a 4 (which is more likely) you will win $20. You will be paying the 5% on this win, which equates to $1.

To increase the fun factor you could offset this bet a little by betting the hardway 4. That pays 7 to 1. A good amount is $4. So if a seven comes first you make a profit of $15. If a hard 4 is rolled first, your old loss of $41, is reduced down to $13.

To make this bet live place you bet in the Donít Come box and ask to Lay the 4. Online place the bet at the rear of the number 4, usually in the very outer of the thin strips (if there are 2).

If you would prefer to bet against the 10 instead of against the 4, the exact same principle and odds apply.

Foot through the Wrong Door (similar to the Patrick System)

Start with a bet on the Pass and Donít Pass lines. If a 2,3,7, or 11 hits your bets cover themselves. If a 12 hits you lose half. What this does is give you a safer entry route into Wrong side betting. On the wrong side, the initial roll is a roll which is stacked against you because there are only 3/36 ways to win, and 8/36 ways to lose. So to get past this stage with very minimal risk is a key objective.

Now start betting the Donít Come box for 2 more numbers. The objective is to gradually increase the benefit to you of the seven.

Once a point is established, this is how it plays out:

If a seven is rolled straight away then you lose 1 unit on the pass line and lose 1 unit on the Donít Come box, but win 1 on the Donít pass. Net result down 1. If the point is rolled straight away you win the passline bet, and lose on the Donít Pass. The Donít Come gets moved to the old point number. Net result even.

Letís move on one step, and assume the Point is 8, and the Donít come point is 9. Now lets place a second Donít Come bet. If a seven hits now we finish even, losing on the pass and Donít Come, and winning on the Donít Pass and 9. If the Donít come point hits now we are down one, losing on the 9. The pass line and donít pass line are unaffected, and the new Donít Come moves to the 9.

Letís assume we reach three numbers. Point is 8, and Donít Come Points are 9 and 10. Now if the seven comes we win 3 units (from the 9,10 and Donít Pass), and lose one unit from the Pass line. Net result a profit of 2.

At the same three numbers, if a Donít Come point number is hit we lose that Donít Come number, but our other 3 bets are still live. Net result, just down one.

Essentially we maintain a very minimal risk in the early stages of a Come out roll, and first two rolls after a Point (never higher than 1 unit). Then we look to make 2 units profit there from a seven hitting. A good strategy to keep yourself in action but at low risk.

You can play a long time using this strategy, and if youíre looking to end you session with a flourish start to bet 2 units or 3 units on the 2nd Donít Come box bet.